So, the point here is that people are asking Greg Everett from Catalyst Athletics, known for Olympic lifting, common (dumb) questions. He’s a great smart ass and I think we often simply ask questions we know the answers to. Sometimes we want to hear the easy way out, but we often need a kick in the buns.

My back squat and front squat are nearly identical. My clean is about 95% of my back squat and snatch is around 85%. This concludes that I can’t get much more out of good technique. I have to squat. This is exactly what I needed to read to remind me to step up my game.

Just squat.

…don’t ask him Crossfit questions, though. With these, he is completely ignorant.


On this lazy Sunday I was compelled to take a look back at when I first opened my Facebook account. I continued through the years until I got to one of the first competitions I competed in. This was the Great Lakes invitational in its 1st or second year. A couple things went through my mind:

1: This is the first time I met Katie Berns.

2: I look so skinny (skinny with some nice muscles tho!) yet I don’t remember feeling that way.

How is it that we, women, always feel like we are a work in progress? Even when I wore a size 2 or 0 in this picture, I still felt like I wasn’t “there yet.” I never had an eating disorder, developed a sickness or unhealthy relationship with food, but an amount of stress does come with the yearning for the image you have in your head of a perfect body. Since elementary school, I never felt comfortable in a bikini and I couldn’t give you any reason except I didn’t feel confident with my body image.

And, I think this leads into many deeper conversations about how women and adolescents view their bodies. It also leads into bullying and everyone having an opinion about someone. It also leads into politics and why ketchup is a vegetable in school cafeterias. There are the whys and when’s and how’s that the government, media, schools, and parents are trying to figure out -mostly to blame.

At the end of the day, I think it’s just important to remember that you are responsible for your life and the choices you make. Keep wellness goals and make lists on how to achieve them. In the meantime, stop stressing because you are on the right track!!…and it helps if you go to cancun every once in a while.

Ladies, it’s completely normal to cry after a workout.

What happens when we CrossFit is that your body and mind are challenged to the brink of self destruction. That’s what it feels like, anyhow. There will be days when that one thing pops up in the workout that you despise and perhaps makes you want to cry before the workout even begins. But Hoosier CrossFitters don’t back down from a challenge.

Today was that kind of a day for me. I knew heavy front squats in a cardio workout would be a challenge. When I was done I just wanted to burst into tears. It’s like tears of joy that it was over, and that I did it, but also years of pure hate for squatting.

So you know what that means… More squatting.


Every time I’m finished with a workout, I ask myself, could I have pushed harder and finished stronger…  Every workout is an experience you can learn from.   Today’s workout was 4 rounds of 15 dumbbell thrusters, 12 ttb, and 9 deadlifts at 60% of my max.  Deadlift isn’t one of my strong suits so I felt it out the first round and broke it up into 5 and 4.  When I got to the 2nd round, I felt I can do all 9 and I did.  But on round 3, fatigue sets in and it’s like the little devil sitting on your shoulder.  That little fatigue devil told my body to put the bar down at 7, and I listened; I could’ve done 2 more reps for sure. I was so disappointed that I did that with such little thought. On my 4th round, I did them unbroken again.

Someone having a bad CrossFit day could say, “Well, I did my best for today.”   I think it’s legitimate to say that this is a great statement when you honestly worked to the capacity that your body could perform.  Walking away that deadlift workout, I’d have to say I didn’t do my best on this particular day.  It takes a bold person to admit when they could have done better. But I also don’t walk away with a sad face. I learned more about my body and what it can handle. I could have done all 9 reps all 4 rounds and feel that’s an achievement for me. Next time, I will have more mental strength to go on.



Suck it up, buttercup?


This is what you need to know. Not every day is going to be a good training day. Not only that, but you need to accept it. My 1rm jerk is 185#; the picture I posted is 135#. I look like a newborn baby dear jerking for the first time. You can see my face and I know that everything about my body and the way it’s moving is wrong. My body was just simply saying no. I listened.

There’s a difference between quitting for bad excuses and quitting for good reasons. Today I had to stop for the sake of making it worse. I don’t feel like a quitter. I feel smart. It is important to ask yourself in times like these whether you are just being a pansy and suck it up, and when do you need to make smart decisions.

Whatever that decision is, commit to it.


A free introductory appointment was schedule with me yesterday for today; I accommodate this person’s schedule since we’ll be out of town next week.  Fast forward to today, I come in to get my workout done. I’m snatching on the minute every minute, distracted because I keep looking at the clock, and looking around the corner, waiting for this person to come in, ready for greeting!  5 minutes later, 5  minutes too late, I get an email with an apology.  I let this person know that as the owners of HCF, we’re disappointed when an appointment doesn’t cancel in a timely manner.  

Everyone has options.  You might have to be creative or ask questions or choose an option you don’t like.  But quitting is an easy option that way too many people take. Sometimes, someone else is affected.

I wanted to talk about this because sometimes it’s hard to face the truth on one side, and it’s hard to speak the truth on the other side.  Commit.  Commit to what you said you were going to do.  Find a way to make it happen when you feel a barrier makes it impossible.  Although you feel like you have good reasons, at the end of the day you’re letting someone down and if that person isn’t you, it’s someone else.

 It’s just like that old saying, “If it’s important you’ll find a way, If it’s not you’ll find an excuse.”



Surround yourself with others who have the same mission


Find a fitness routine that establishes a baseline for creating new habits and making better choices through community support, consistency, and nutrition.  Change begins with attending a gym where you surround yourself with those on the same mission as you: results. Everyone comes to HCF for a different reason, but what they all have in common is they want results and they work for it.  Now that you’ve committed to at least 3x/week, you’re feeling progress and don’t want it to go away! As much as you hate the thought of ditching your afternoon soda, you’ll know that you have to reflect on how you eat.  You will always hear that meat and vegetables, nuts/seeds, and fruit have anti-oxidant, vitamin and mineral fighting power to save your life from, literally, all disease and sickness.  You’ll never hear that low-fat, 0-carb, gluten free, [insert latest marketing scam here] will (even in the dark abyss that is the media).  Go paleo for 6-weeks, then, BAM! You’ll start getting PRs (personal records) on all of your CrossFit workouts.



“Get free from destination disease. You’ve reached a certain level. Now you’re coasting, but you weren’t created to stay there. Break out of the box and learn something new.” – Joel Osteen

Many people just go with the motions; you’re born, you go to school, you date, you get a job or play a sport, you go to college or get a job, get married, have kids and die.  Maybe sometimes you go on vacation and maybe you have some other milestones like your kid’s first hair cut. But, when did you stop an smell the roses, and furthermore, savor it? When have you reflected on what you really want out of your life? What is it that will make you happy in the long term?  We aren’t on this earth to work, stress, and struggle.  If you’ve been a part of my CrossFit classes you’ll also know this doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want without responsibilities.  Breaking out of the box begins at home with the people we love the most, and at work with the people we have to get along with. These daily stresses build up, and overtime, make us upset, sick, and  unhappy.

  1. Communicate:  this is essential because women say too much (and often not to the right person, and often to more than one) and men don’t say enough.  This is how you fix it;  say your thoughts to the right person and talk about facts and feelings, not opinions with pointing fingers.  Explain why. Don’t let others fill in the gaps; they’ll often fill it with the wrong idea. Aint nobody got time for your drama!
  2. Blaming: It’s easy to point fingers at everyone else for unfavorable situations and our society has largely accepted a lack of responsibility.  Not in my house! Responsibility relies on you; you have control in nearly all areas of your life, and the ones you can’t control, you have to have faith it was meant to be that way.  Don’t make decisions based on what you think someone else wants from you, then blame them when it wasn’t a favorable situation for you; did you slip and fall, blame your own legs and your own eyes for not watching where you were going!  Ain’t nobody got time for your drama!
  3. Take the bull by the horns: Confidence is important, yet challenging.  Some people have a natural tendency to take over and it suppresses the people around you.  Remember, there’s no blaming. You have an option to stand up for yourself, talk to your boss, talk to his boss, quit, or start your own business.  If you don’t take the bull by the horns when you’re in an unfavorable situation, you’ll get trampled on. Do it with some professionalism, though.


To be honest I don’t get it. People continue to convince themselves that they should just accept who they are. Why is it so bad to NOT accept who we are? Couldn’t it help us become a better version of ourselves? Couldn’t this really help us be happier?

Obviously it is important that we are smart about accepting change into our lives. Don’t throw up to be skinnier. But, There are some things about our personality and characteristics that are not going to change; I’m a visual learner and will forget most of the things that come out of your mouth. It’s just a fact. I’m not changing it.

But let’s say that perhaps you have a weight problem or an anger problem or you’re stressed or you go home and you’re still unhappy with life. These are truly things that you can change. You just,instead, blame others or choose to complain, or accept it. To our patents dismay, Shaun and I both quit our full-time jobs, spent our entire life savings to chance that Hoosier CrossFit would work out. It just so happened that it did. And we are both happy being CEOs of our business :)

I actually don’t suggest you spend all your money, but the simplest taboo regards Not accepting your body. A love ot of ladies out there have trouble looking into the mirror, purchasing clothes , or feeling comfortable naked. Most of the time, friends, media, and social inspiration wants you to stay addicted to neglecting your health because they actually want you to be happy with what you see, while telling you to buy light yogurt. But you shouldn’t. If you are uncomfortable on airplanes, want to shop at certain stores, then do something about it. Change your lifestyle. If you’re trying to lose weight, throw all the shit out of your house, eat Only real food. Go find a gym that keeps you motivated for more than just two weeks. I suggest Hoosier CrossFit.

Vegetables around the clock!


These are a few things I hear about paleo but in general, the consensus is it’s hard. It can be and below are a few of many reasons why.

Expensive: healthy eating isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon. The success and money saving will be observed over a period of time. You won’t be buying as much food, nor food that you eat just because. When your body runs off calories from Fat instead of sugary carb loading, you are hungry less with energy for long. This means less snacking. If you are smooth with your budget and only buy what’s necessary, $50-75 per week is obtainable.

Another money-saving point is you’ll spend less time in the pharmacy department. You won’t need tums, pepto bismol, Advil, midol, or even most mainstream vitamins. The inflammation caused by grains, dairy, legumes, and processed foods in general will go away. Plus, the variety of veggies you eat with every meal give you illness fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You never hear about any grain that helps prevent serious sicknesses (probably because the part of the grain plant you eat is actually toxic to humans in its natural state), but you always hear about a vegetable that does.

Not enough food: it’s typical that you are hungry a couple hours after you eat because you had 1 egg, 2 bacon and a fruit smoothly for breakfast, a measly salad with some chicken for lunch… This is simply not enough food, especially if you are a CrossFitter, and your proportions are also off. You had no vegetables for breakfast and the amount of salad you ate at lunch is not even 1 serving of vegetable. It’s simply not enough food and you need more veggies. You will end up scavenging for anything you can find because if it. It all comes down to time management and good planning. When you’re making dinner the night before, simply make extras on purpose or make breakfast alongside dinner. Be sure to plan your meal around meat and vegetables. 1/3 of your plate is meat, 2/3 is vegetables. Plan for enough food for an afternoon snack (like a couple chicken strips and half of a Bell pepper)