To be honest I don’t get it. People continue to convince themselves that they should just accept who they are. Why is it so bad to NOT accept who we are? Couldn’t it help us become a better version of ourselves? Couldn’t this really help us be happier?

Obviously it is important that we are smart about accepting change into our lives. Don’t throw up to be skinnier. But, There are some things about our personality and characteristics that are not going to change; I’m a visual learner and will forget most of the things that come out of your mouth. It’s just a fact. I’m not changing it.

But let’s say that perhaps you have a weight problem or an anger problem or you’re stressed or you go home and you’re still unhappy with life. These are truly things that you can change. You just,instead, blame others or choose to complain, or accept it. To our patents dismay, Shaun and I both quit our full-time jobs, spent our entire life savings to chance that Hoosier CrossFit would work out. It just so happened that it did. And we are both happy being CEOs of our business :)

I actually don’t suggest you spend all your money, but the simplest taboo regards Not accepting your body. A love ot of ladies out there have trouble looking into the mirror, purchasing clothes , or feeling comfortable naked. Most of the time, friends, media, and social inspiration wants you to stay addicted to neglecting your health because they actually want you to be happy with what you see, while telling you to buy light yogurt. But you shouldn’t. If you are uncomfortable on airplanes, want to shop at certain stores, then do something about it. Change your lifestyle. If you’re trying to lose weight, throw all the shit out of your house, eat Only real food. Go find a gym that keeps you motivated for more than just two weeks. I suggest Hoosier CrossFit.

Vegetables around the clock!


These are a few things I hear about paleo but in general, the consensus is it’s hard. It can be and below are a few of many reasons why.

Expensive: healthy eating isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon. The success and money saving will be observed over a period of time. You won’t be buying as much food, nor food that you eat just because. When your body runs off calories from Fat instead of sugary carb loading, you are hungry less with energy for long. This means less snacking. If you are smooth with your budget and only buy what’s necessary, $50-75 per week is obtainable.

Another money-saving point is you’ll spend less time in the pharmacy department. You won’t need tums, pepto bismol, Advil, midol, or even most mainstream vitamins. The inflammation caused by grains, dairy, legumes, and processed foods in general will go away. Plus, the variety of veggies you eat with every meal give you illness fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You never hear about any grain that helps prevent serious sicknesses (probably because the part of the grain plant you eat is actually toxic to humans in its natural state), but you always hear about a vegetable that does.

Not enough food: it’s typical that you are hungry a couple hours after you eat because you had 1 egg, 2 bacon and a fruit smoothly for breakfast, a measly salad with some chicken for lunch… This is simply not enough food, especially if you are a CrossFitter, and your proportions are also off. You had no vegetables for breakfast and the amount of salad you ate at lunch is not even 1 serving of vegetable. It’s simply not enough food and you need more veggies. You will end up scavenging for anything you can find because if it. It all comes down to time management and good planning. When you’re making dinner the night before, simply make extras on purpose or make breakfast alongside dinner. Be sure to plan your meal around meat and vegetables. 1/3 of your plate is meat, 2/3 is vegetables. Plan for enough food for an afternoon snack (like a couple chicken strips and half of a Bell pepper)

You are not damaged goods

Too many people are wearing a damaged goods label, focused on their mistakes. Take off that label; that loss, that failure, can’t stop you destiny.” Joel osteen

Whoa. How awesome is this post on Joel Osteen’s Facebook page. I hear too many people on Facebook continuing to label themselves as being too poor, having fat girl problems, and more. Label yourself what you want to be, and surround yourself with people just like you, and it will happen. If you always say you are poor, you’ll just stay poor. If you always say you have fat girl problems, well, they’ll stay that way.

You have choices; when you say you don’t have a choice, you really mean you don’t want to work extra hard to make it happen. You may go through unfavorable times, but as Joel states, sometimes a setback results in a set up in your favor! Maybe not tomorrow, of even in a few months, and may take years. but, a positive attitude, a goal, and a plan will get you there.



Do you know what happens when you go to the gym  and you don’t have a coach to hold you accountable? You don’t work hard enough.  Ive been a CrossFitter for 4 years.  When I workout alone, I STILL have to fight that little feeling inside.

Last week,  I had a great time being  alone at the gym.  I blasted the chickiest music, took my time doing a warm up and mobility, then moved on to Shoulder press and deadlift 3×5 strength.  These are easy things to do alone.  But, I couldn’t leave without getting my heart rate up.  I decided to do a little Tabata session with Deadlift, pushups, and TTB.  If you don’t know Tabata, it means I accomplish 20 seconds of each movement for 8 sets.  The only rest I get is a 10 second transition to the next movement.

Would you believe it… by round 3 I was trying to convince myself to stop at 4 rounds, thinking an intense 6 minutes was good enough.  I’m a seasoned CrossFitter, Trainer, and owner of a gym…. I considered quitting my workout. ACK!  Was it because I was bored? Fatigued? Unmotivated?  I have no idea, but it doesn’t really matter the reason.

The only thing that matters is that I shut my shit up.  I finished the workout with integrity and hard work.  I did over 50 deadlifts at 115#, over 60 pushups, and over 50 TTB.


Shut that shit up, and try again

In CrossFit, you win some and you lose some. There are days where a workout exposes your weaknesses to the max.  You leave feeling like you have so much more to work on.  Then, there are other days where nothing can get in the way of your happiness.

I started a lifting session with a positive mind. I did a few jerks at 75, then did 1 at 95, 105, 115, and 125.  At this point, I was wobbling, I could feel my muscles not adjusting the increasing weight.  My mind started to doubt that this was going to be a good lifting day. My old PR was 155#; if I was close to failing around 125#; I was thinking that matching 155# would be highly unlikely. I decided to de-load the bar to a lower weight and work my weight back up. The split jerk is one of my most favorite things to do in the gym; I was actually so mad at this point, I slammed the 2.5lb plate on floor as I was de-loading the bar (I’m a closet angry person). I focused on stretching and mashing my pec muscles and lat muscles because bar path and stability in the shoulder is crucial – I’m a small person at 125#. My technique and flexibility allow me to use all of the potential my little muscles can handle. 

I worked my way back up to where 125# felt comfortable, then continued by 10# at a time.  I was excited when I got a PR by 5# but something told me keep adding a little bit of weight.  When I got 170# locked out, I celebrated like a girl should.

The moral of the story is to hold your head high.  Our thoughts and doubts can either get in your way and prevent you from acheiving great things, or you can shut that shit up and try again.


I got on the bar. I hesitated. But I got back on and completed a successful lift at 170#.




My celebratory dance. The bar hasn’t even touched the ground yet.


Success Trains. Failure Complains.

ImageHappy New Year! You’re totally driven to finally lose all that weight and drop all those problems that have been holding you down! This is the year it all changes!

Eh. Buzz-kill alert. Most likely it won’t.

They say only 8% of people actually follow through with their new years resolutions by the end of the year.  I don’t need a reference and a study to believe it.  It’s no doubt that you have convinced yourself and totally believe this is the year for Change! But, the way you eat, the way you go to work, and the way you live your life will bring you right back to square one.   Maybe, this year can be different.

1. Go to CrossFit 3-5x/week

 What if someone wanted you to reserve 1 hour to [insert something you'd LOVE to do here]. Whatever the priority, you CLEAR your schedule TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I know this to be true, because some people cancel out of their classes to make something else happen. If you have a lot of weight to lose, want to get off medication, or just want to bring your athleticism to the next level, You need to get your ass to the gym 3-5 times a week.

2.  If you’re trying to diet, then you need to go Paleo this time around

Firstly, this will only work if you believe in it, do it right, plus, throw all the bad shit out of your cabinets and fridge.   Got a family? Great, they are all on board, too.  Your kids don’t need cheez-its. There is nothing that will benefit kids more than their meat and vegetables.  Cookies and ice cream are not waiting in the end, either.  You need to stand up and stop letting your children tell you what do to do.  What will paleo do for you that other diets (or magic pills) don’t? Help you sleep better, improve happiness, clear your skin, crave less sugar, get sick less, decrease medication.  Our own members are off their arthritis, migraine, and diabetes medications from as little as 5-6 weeks of paleo.

3.  You have to stop with the excuses.

I’ve heard it all and you’re not going to get pity from me.  If you seek out someone to agree with your bad habits, they are making it harder for you to find happiness.  The truth will hurt and it sucks, but you have choices in this world.  You choose to be overweight, reliant on your health insurance, and hate life and your body.

Tough day on the job


Shaun’s goal-setting seminar was just what we needed to regroup our goals and get started off on the right foot this New Years. So, I’m following his ideas. I want a 200# back squat by the end of the year, unbroken muscle ups, and a few other general things.

I decided to test where I am now and set a few goals for the next few months. I wanted to test my strength and conditioning by finding my 1rm back squat and testing/retesting Amanda: 9-7-5 muscle ups and 95# snatches. I did this workout months back at Crossfit 812 in Columbus. I did 75# snatches, only turned over on the muscle ups and didn’t dip out. My time was 18-something. Today, I wanted to do it as rx, hoping for under 20 minutes. I’ve been working and having progress with my muscle ups, so I thought doing them one at a time was doable; not long ago I did 22 in 15 minutes, and I practice them weekly these days. My head was in the game.

Today was the day. I went in with confidence a great mood. I PRd my back squat by 5lbs, 155lbs. Then on to Amanda. After 3-2-1 go, I was totally humbled and frustrated. My first 2 failed. I got 5, with some more fails. I decided to change it to 5-3-1 only on the muscle ups. On my set of three, I did 2 of them, then failed 5 times to get the last one. Then on the set of 1, I failed 3 times. I stopped the time at 23:17.

While my buddy Alice was there to give me the strength to push through it, I was emotionally distraught, that all the work I put into these muscle ups and there wasn’t much to show for it today. On all of my fails, I was nearly locked out, almost to the top, but with no strength in my arms to take me there. Alice was yelling that I could do it while I was dangling 7 feet in the air, but, tears just started to flow.

CrossFit is so amazing; it keeps you guessing with an ever -flowing sense of needing more. Our bodies are tested, and sometimes we deliver, while other days are like today.

In the shower tonight, that Aaliyah song popped in my head…”if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” That is what I’ll do.

Reach for your goals


Have you ever made decisions based on someone else’s opinions? Once in a while, we need another person to help us make good decisions. However, what if their opinions were holding you back from something that could be life changing in a great way! Let’s not chat about major life changes, like how Shaun and I used his life savings to open a new business in a time where the market was crashing and many were losing their jobs.

But, what if you wanted to go to the gym more because you want to get stronger. Someone says, “Oh You’ll get bulky!” Tell that to Kristen, who after only 5 weeks fit into shorts she hadn’t for into for a long time. She’s lifting regularly. Not only that, she isn’t bored if working out, and I don’t see her giving up anytime soon.

What if you wanted to try the paleo diet and your friends and family weigh in with their opinions, “Oh, it’s going to be so hard to make food for you.” What if 90% of your arthritis disappears from the paleo diet. It did for Molly.

Do not let the opinions of others prevent you from something that can change your life.

Priority check

With the holidays approaching it’s really important to reflect on your priorities.  In my opinion, you should focus on your family, your budget, and your commitment to health.

1. Spend time with your family with undivided attention

Start making your spouse and kids feel like you care about them; you’re going to need to set work, tv, and electronics boundaries.  I absolutely hate, after a long day, that we get home at 9pm just to get on FACEBOOK and CANDY CRUSH.  Electronics are an intense addiction; try to go without it – you’ll be headed to the bathroom looking for your phone in due time.  Have you ever wondered what they did when there was no electricity. Dang.

But, on another note, if your spouse thinks that going to the gym is an impediment with your family time, then you need to encourage him/her to come with you, plus, make the kids go with you to hang out and watch for the hour.  You are building healthy routines in more ways than just fitness when you come to CrossFit; never feel bad about going to the gym, and don’t use kids as your excuse either.

2. Budget your money

People spend their life savings during Christmas time.  Spend money from the heart and make it quality, yet inexpensive.  Why Can’t aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas and friends get something cute for $25 or less? It won’t cause drama because it’s incredibly selfish to ask why someone didn’t spend more money on them.  Lastly, your health and wellness should not take the back burner this season; quitting your routine in the gym so you can buy your niece presents will bring you back to square 1 physically and mentally, and getting out of that is a big mess.  Attending CrossFit gets the flywheel going – you go to class, you eat good because you don’t want to barf in tomorrow’s met con, then show up to class again because we’ll Facebook you and ask you where you’ve been.  It’s simple. When you’re a part of HCF, you’ll get strong and fit, and when you go to planet fitness to save money, they feed you pizza on Mondays and ring a siren when you make loud noises. Start budgeting now!!!!

3. Stop making excuses about your health over the holidays

All of america is going to gain weight and complain about it on Facebook, then act like they care about their health around new years.  There is always another birthday or holiday that involves sweet tasty food, where if you don’t put a stop to it, you’ll continue gaining 15 pounds a year.  Imagine a Brain utopia where you aren’t a slave to food, where valentines day rolls around and you’re not gobbling up a whole carton of ice cream wishing you had a boyfriend.  You know what, CrossFit and paleo can help you find one.

Pull Your Shit Together


When Kirsten, a single mom who works most saturdays, added this inspiring motivational quote to her Facebook last Thursday, I was laying on the couch. I had already convinced myself I was going to relax and take a rest day. Most people think I work 16 hours a day and workout 7 days a week. While I do work exceptionally hard to help keep Hoosier CrossFit the best gym in the world, I don’t work out everyday. We all have excuses, but at the end of the day, very little should hold you back from commitments.

Thursday was the day I got off the couch to keep my commitments and attended a class, just like a normal member :-)